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When you express an interest in Wee Wisdom Playschool, we will schedule a meeting with the Director so that you can become familiar with the program and have any questions answered. You then will be asked to complete a registration form, including medical and immunization records. When approved for admission, your child will be assigned to the appropriate class based upon his or her age on September 1. Wee Wisdom offers two, three, four or five day programs to best meet the needs of your family.

Parent Access
As the parent of a child in Wee Wisdom, you are invited to observe, participate in field trips, or become involved in any way that you are able.

Hours of Operation
Wee Wisdom Playschool and Daycare opens at 7:00a.m. every morning and remains open until 6:00p.m. The morning Playschool program is tuition based with a set daily fee. Daycare hours are from 11:30a.m. to 6:00p.m. Fees accrue on a daily basis and are due the week after the service was provided.

Wee Wisdom does not observe a dress code. We ask that children wear comfortable clothing, suitable for playing. We also ask that parents provide an extra set of clothing in case of spills, and an extra large paint shirt so that we can PAINT without worry. Also, please remember to provide some type of coat if the weather is cool.