Because of the fact that Centre County Christian Academy considers participation in an athletic program to be a means to an end and not an end in itself, students are required to maintain a specific standard of academic work and personal conduct in order to be eligible for athletic participation.


Your eligibility is just as important to the team as your practice and performance. If you are not qualified, you cannot play and the whole TEAM suffers.

To be eligible for athletic participation, students must maintain an overall "C" average with no "F’s" in all subject areas during the active marking period.

A student who fails to make the weekly eligibility list is still eligible only to practice with the team for the first(1) week. Failure to make the eligibility list two weeks in a row eliminates the student from all participation. The third consecutive week of ineligibility for a student will result in their being dropped from the team.


Athletes at Centre County Christian Academy are expected to be leaders in the classroom, not only academically but also in their conduct and behavior. Any student who accumulates 35 or more demerits in one term will be placed on social restriction for one full calendar term and any part of a current calendar term.


Regular attendance at practices and games is expected of all students participating in a sport.

On a game day a student must attend atl east half of the day. Exceptions will be made for a student who is not ill but is out of class for a doctor’s appointment, funeral, etc., and is planning to arrive at school in time to be eligible to play.


When participating in a varsity sport, each student has the opportunity to earn a varsity letter. By playing in at least forty percent (40%) of the game time of each sport, a student will earn a varsity letter in that sport. Anything less than forty percent results in the student receiving a certificate of participation.


For the protection and safety of the athlete, a physical examination is required each year before athletic activity may be undertaken.

Any injury or illness which occurs during a practice or game should be immediately reported to the coach for evaluation. If medical attention is needed, the parents will be notified.


Centre County Christian Academy does not provide health insurance for its students. Parents are responsible for any health care expenses incurred by their student, including office visits, emergency room or other hospital services, and emergency transportation.


Any student participating in a sport can anticipate traveling with the team unless notified otherwise.

At least one day before a road trip, the students are given information, such as departure and arrival times, dress requirements, and eating arrangements. The parents’ cooperation in these plans is greatly appreciated.

Students must travel to the athletic event with the team. Students may be given permission to travel home with their parents or another parent.


Guidelines of acceptable practice clothing will be laid down by the coach in each sport.

When we travel, dress requirements will be on the travel information slips. The usual travel attire is "in uniform" or normal school dress.


Team uniforms and equipment are the property of Centre County Christian Academy and are loaned to the student for the duration of the season. The student and his parents assume full responsibility for the equipment and uniform while it is in the student’s possession.

Replacement cost will be charged for any uniform or piece of equipment that is lost or ruined through careless misuse. Students will not be charged for damage from normal wear and tear of the uniform.

Uniforms are to be worn only for games or in other circumstances announced by the coaches. They are not to be worn as personal casual wear.


Centre County Christian Academy is a charter member of the Allegheny Christian Athletic Association for the purpose of men’s and women’s athletic competition. Post-season competition is also available through the Academy’s membership in the Keystone Christian Education Association.


The backbone for development of the Academy’s athletic program is the Bulldog Booster Club. The membership is made up of interested parents, friends, students, and alumni who have a desire to see the athletic programs thrive and grow.

The Bulldog Booster Club takes on several fund-raising projects each year in addition to its membership drive. Among these is the concession stand at all home games and tournaments, and Beaver Stadium Concession Booth (Penn State home football games). The Boosters also plan and fund the Athletic Awards Banquet each spring, provide equipment and uniforms, referees and transportation costs of the teams.

The Academy expects all parents of athletes to make a commitment of time, talents and resources to the Bulldog Athletic Booster Club.