Admissions & Other Information

AdmissionAdmission to Wee Wisdom Playschool typically begins with a tour of our facilities. Our Director will then meet with you and answer any questions you may have regarding our programs.

If after your tour you decide that Wee Wisdom Playschool is your preschool/day care provider of choice then the following steps will walk you through the process:

1. Fill out the Commitment to Enroll Form you received during your initial meeting and submit it to our office.

2. Complete our Online Enrollment. A link to do so will be sent via email from our office to the email address submitted in step one.

From this point forward you will receive automated emails throughout the enrollment process guiding you to the next step.

3. Submit digital paperwork obtained from our office along with enrollment fee paid online through our online payment portal, PaySimple

4. Receive an email indicating your child's acceptance into the Wee Wisdom Program.

Determination of Class by Age

The age of your child on September 1st will determine the program in which your child will be placed.

EXCEPTION** If a child is not potty trained before the age of 4 he/she will not move on to the four-year-old class until he/she is potty-trained.

Parent Access

As the parent of a child in Wee Wisdom, you are welcome to observe, participate in field trips, or become involved in any way that you are able. We welcome your involvement and commitment to our school at any level and remember, your little one may be wearing the Bulldog uniform someday!

Due to State laws, each parent who volunteers time with the children must complete Background Checks before participating. This paperwork may be obtained through the office and must be completed well in advance of participating an any activity.

Hours of Operation

Wee Wisdom Playschool and Daycare regular operating hours are 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.


Wee Wisdom does not observe a dress code. We ask that children wear comfortable clothing, suitable for playing. We also ask that parents provide an extra set of clothing in case of spills or accidents. Also, please remember to provide some type of coat if the weather is cool.