Centre County Christian Academy believes that participation in an interscholastic sports program gives a student the opportunity not only to exercise his body (I Timothy 4:8), but also to put into practice the Christian character training and spiritual principles he has received in the classroom. The goals of the athletic program are synonymous with the goals of Centre County Christian Academy-the building of relationships, attitudes and skills in a manner that pleases God and honors Christ. The athletic program teaches Biblical principles of living, builds Christian character in the lives of our athletes, and promotes a spirit of excellence.

The goals of the athletic program are met in a variety of ways.

  • PREPARATION: Some of these are rules, clinics, and training sessions for coaches and athletes alike.

  • APPLICATION: the example of dedicated Christian coaches who are able to take advantage of opportunities to reinforce Christian character training in a practical manner; the use of P.I.A.A. officials for all contests.

  • PRESENTATION: the purchase of quality uniforms and equipment as well as the maintenance of excellent facilities.

  • EDUCATION: instruction and testing aimed at conditioning and prevention of injuries and treatment by qualified personnel when injuries do occur; and the high academic standards which must be maintained for participation in the Academy’s athletic program.

At Centre County Christian Academy, student athletes are taught that "true winning" is more than just winning on the scoreboard; it is always giving one’s best to the glory of God (I Corinthians 10:31). "It is no disgrace to fail, but that it is a disgrace to do less than your best to keep from failing."

From the "Winner’s Creed" to the well-chosen mascot, the Bulldog, every facet of our program is dedicated to instilling within the student athlete the kind of strong Christian character which will enable them to persevere for what is right throughout their lives.

At Centre County Christian Academy, we believe that those who would enjoy and participate in an extracurricular activity must be willing to assume the cost of the program. This philosophy makes it necessary for the students involved in athletics and their parents to become actively involved in financing the program. Athletes are expected to put full effort behind the various fund-raising projects throughout the year, and their parents are urged to support them in this by being a part of the effort themselves. The Bulldog Booster Club was formed with just this purpose in mind.


Teaching the importance of playing to win is a part of the athletic program at Centre County Christian Academy. When winning according to the scoreboard is not possible, the players must play with a winning desire. Centre County Christian Academy believes Christians ought to be winners, true winners, spiritually, socially, academically and in every other area possible. With this philosophy in mind, a "Winner’s Creed" has been adopted by the Athletic Department and is used in all sports.


"I believe that a true winner always gives his best, never to the glory of self, but always to the glory of God. With the Lord’s help, I will strive to be a true winner today."